Smash Life is a community of like minded individuals that believe we can make the world a better place through art, education and sports.  The only question is, How Far Will You Take It?


wHat We Do

Smash Life is a lifestyle brand that hopes to inspire the world to "do better".  Smash Life, Smashing, Smasher, and Smash are words that we use to describe our friends, actions and attitudes towards life.  We firmly believe that all aspects of living can be SMASHED.  Students smash homework. Parents smash childcare. Athletes smash physical boundaries.  Artists smash our ideas of the world.  The list continues.  There are no aspects of our personal or professional lives that cannot be improved upon. Whether you strengthen an asset or improve upon a weakness you are making yourself a better person.  That is Smashing.  

But, we don't feel like it is enough to just improve yourself.  We want to make the world a better place.  That means we need you to help improve the lives of those around you.  Share your experiences and knowledge with those who surround you.  Reach out and help others as often as possible.  Engage with your community and be present when you are needed.  Take pride in everything you do.  If we step out of ourselves with the intention to help someone else improve, we initiate a community in which we can grow together.  

Our model is simple. You buy and wear our gear.  We give your money away to improve our education system.  But, that is really just the beginning of what we hope to accomplish.  When we band together and work as a community we can make long lasting impacts on the world.  Our focus is on improving our education system because it is the foundation.  All the things we aspire to be later in life have roots in education.  Our parents, teachers, and mentors tell us we can achieve anything we set our minds to, but rarely do we believe them or think that achieving that goal is dependent upon our education.  This is the fundamental principal that we are going to change. 

Math, science, communication, and art are present in everything we do.  Red Bull athletes use science and math to reduce ricks when pushing the physical boundaries of the human body.  Entrepreneurs have changed the way the world communicates through advances in science and technology.  Artists have taken their work to the streets in order to share their ideas and communicate with the public.  The lessons we learn in sports about teamwork and the human potential are directly related to our professional lives.  Our world is changing and our educational system needs to change with it.  

We challenge you to Smash Life, to strive for greatness, to share your experiences with us and others, to face each task with the attitude that you can, and do, make a difference.  We challenge you to break records, set new goals, dream big, fail often, and continue to strengthen you mind and body.  We stand together as a community, a movement, and an uprising.  We can rise above any obstacle.  We can Smash any preconceived idea of limits. We can, and we will do better! 


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandella

How are we going to achieve this?

Changing the culture of education isn't going to be easy.  But it starts with changing ourselves. 

  • Donate funds directly to schools in need
  • Partner with to help teachers better prepare their kids for the future. 
  • Create relationships with teachers, listen to their needs, find creative ways to solve old problems 
  • Increasing our level of community involvement.
  • Build the Smash Life community.  The more of us there are the more power we have. 
  • Sharing our Smash stories with each other. 
  • Help people find something they are passionate about and give them the resources they need to pursue it.