We Are Born To Seek

You can define the word seeking by saying it is the quest for something more.  It is to question, to try, or to attempt to find or understand something.   It is the search for answers, for truth and for what comes next.  Seekers constantly look to raise the bar.  If you accept this as the definition of seeking, then you could say that we are seekers.   We, the smash life community, are seekers.  We approach every day with the mentality that we can do better.  This is not to say that we are ungrateful for what we have or unappreciative of the life we are currently living.  We just believe that our potential is never fully achieved.  Each and every one of us can seek to do better.  We can improve ourselves through practice, studying, new experiences, and helping others.   As long as our journey through this life isn’t over we continue to seek for ways to improve. 


For us, seeking is synonymous with learning.  When we are born we are naturally inquisitive.  We explore our surroundings endlessly in search of answers.  We are unaware of right or wrong.  Our creativity and experimentation helps form our understanding of the world.  It isn’t until we are introduced to the education system, and later on, adulthood, that we are presented with this paralyzing way to think.  A system that limits creativity and inspiration drowns out potential.   A system that preaches single solutions, definitive answers, and isolated work environments dims our personalities.  In order to succeed in this system we must forfeit our curiosity and seeking nature.  We memorize facts, regurgitate textbooks, and forget lesson. 


The goal of the system is to prepare us for life after school, but our public education system has failed to do this.   They have failed on the most basic level.  If we are to succeed in our life after school then we need to learn how to learn.  We need to learn how to adapt to situations, think critically, and not fear failure.  The purpose of our education system shouldn’t be on memorizing algebraic equations, dates in history, or laws of science.  We should teach students how to seek answers, explore possibilities, and reach their potential.   Our students should feel comfortable chasing dreams.  Things need to change.  I challenge you to seek answers, question information, and dream bigger.  I challenge you to Smash Life