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Smash Life is not just a brand...It's a movement, a community, and a lifestyle.

To put it simply, our goal is to change the world.  At some point in our recent history it became "uncool" to be educated.  Being informed, well-spoken, and intelligent stopped being things that people aspired to.  We are here to change that. 

We are here to prove that education should be aspired to, enjoyed, and constantly sought after.  One of most amazing qualities of learning is that it is a game that cannot be won; therefore, it can never be lost.  There are opportunities to learn in every aspect of your life, and we encourage you to take advantage of them.  The more knowledge you acquire the more you will want to obtain.   

The skills and knowledge we learn in school can be seen everywhere.  It may not be apparent at first, but once you look for it, you will not be able to un see it. Writing music uses basic math.  Constructing buildings is based on trigonometry.  Skydiving, mountain biking, wake boarding, skateboarding, running, football, basketball, etc. use the principals of physics.  All of these disciplines can be improved upon by understanding the foundations of them.  We use knowledge learned in school to push the limits of human potential.  Let's see how far we can take it. 



We are a movement, a community, and an uprising to inspire change.  Change the way you think, act, learn, and play.  We are going to change the world. 

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We encourage you to join us on this movement to make the world a better place.  Join the Smash Life community by purchasing the gear, wearing it proudly, and sharing your Smash Story with us.  A portion of all sales go to helping our public education system achieve greatness.  Together we are stronger.  Together, We Are Smash Life.

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